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    Sunshine Ceramic Studios was founded by me, Marie, in February, 2023. As an artist and aspiring potter I was inspired to bring the arts even more to life in the town we all love and many of us call home, Milford. I dabble with many mediums, from drawing, painting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, photography, cooking, baking, writing, basically all things creative; however, I have found my greatest passion in clay. Pottery truly centers me, and fans the flames of creativity within. After taking courses at Wesleyan Potters, Milford’s own Adult Ed Program, and two semesters of ceramics at Southern Connecticut State University as a part of my minor in Studio Art, I was eager to find a way to make pottery a part of my daily life. 

     As a local artist, I've noticed that making art, the moments when you are physically creating, can be very isolating. There are not many places for artists to collaborate, or even just commune. As a potter or ceramist it can be even more difficult, because the equipment can be quite costly and demands a lot of space. I wanted to create a place for artists to come and gather; share creativity, inspiration, and passion; and to make facilities accessible to any and everyone who has an interest in clay, from beginners to experts. Sunshine is an all inclusive gathering space for artists from all walks to share their vision, their love, and their creations with each other, and the world.

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